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Welcome to Magee Insurance - Benefits That Matter

senior couple meeting with advisorMagee Insurance is a family-owned and operated insurance agency - based in Philadelphia, PA - serving individuals, families and groups. We provide hassle-free, no-obligation consultations while educating our clients on Health, Life and Supplemental Insurance products. We are happy to meet with our local clients in person (if they so prefer), but offer virtual appointments as well, servicing clients all across the United States.

We believe that every client is unique, and a “one-size-fits-all” approach to offering benefits does not work. We provide individual solutions for each of our clients and serve as advocates, should you need to file a claim. Get in touch and find out why so many clients have turned to us for help with their life, health or supplemental insurance, as well as their employee benefit programs.

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Our Promise...
free no-obligation insurance consultationNo high-pressure selling at Magee Insurance. Instead, we choose to educate our clients so that they can make the most informed decision possible on which insurance products will best meet their needs. To that end, we offer:

  • Free, Informative Consultations
  • Free Insurance Quotes
  • No Obligation Advice

Our model is to assist and advise our clients, guiding them toward the best options to protect themselves and their loved ones. Being a brokerage, we work for our clients, not the insurance companies. We are contracted with all the major providers, along with many private market carriers. This gives us the ability to shop the entire marketplace to find the right plan for our clients. We have a team of experts that specialize in Group Coverage and Employee Benefit Packages, Optimizing Tax Incentives and Wellness Programs to drive premiums down, offering our clients the best possible coverage and cost incentives. We have the resources to offer 24/7 customer service, shop every major provider in both the public and private marketplaces, and yearly census audits to keep costs as competitive as possible.

Find out how much you can save... or how to patch the holes in your insurance coverage. Give us a call today.
Who Our Clients Are...

We help individuals who do not have health insurance through employment (self-employed or transitioning jobs) obtain quality coverage at affordable prices. We also provide life insurance as well as supplemental coverage solutions for those looking for more comprehensive protection.

our clients include families
We help families protect the financial futures of their loved ones through life insurance planning. We also provide health insurance options for those who own family businesses or work as freelancers, with no employer-sponsored plans available. And we offer supplemental insurance coverage for more comprehensive protection.

our clients are businesses
Businesses attract quality talent and retain great employees by offering an attractive benefit package. We help them sift through the options and find the best fit for both their employees' needs and their company budget.

Solutions We Offer...

Employee Benefits

life insurance

Health Insurance

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Supplemental Insurance
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Companies We Represent...
We Offer Quality Insurance Products from Premier Carriers
What Our Clients Say About Us...
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Employee Benefits
Attract and Retain the Best Talent with a Great Benefits Package
Our Brokerage helps you evaluate your options and find affordable insurance packages to entice new employees and keep your current employees satisfied. You will work with expert benefit advisors who get to know your needs and recommend the appropriate insurance plans to build the most attractive benefits package.
Life Insurance - Magee Insurance
Life Insurance
Protect Your Loved Ones and Those Who Depend on You
Our Insurance Professionals will help you assess the amount of life insurance coverage you need... and over what time period. We will then consult with you on the various types of life insurance available to fill those needs, and search the market for the most attractive policies within your budget.
Health Insurance
Find the Right Balance of Coverage and Premium to Keep Your Family Physically and Financially Healthy
We will help you navigate the complex arena of health insurance. We have access to - and expertise in - both the Public Marketplace (ACA) plans as well as Preferred Risk (private, medically underwritten) plans. We can provide the information for evaluating whether the guaranteed-issue health plans (with possible subsidies) offered through the ACA or a private plan may be your best option.
Supplemental Insurance - Magee Insurance
Supplemental Insurance
Sometimes We Need a Little More Coverage
Even with a good health insurance plan, deductibles and co-pays can leave us with thousands of dollars in unexpected bills... or it may not include dental or vision coverage. There is also the possibility that we may suffer an injury that keeps us out of work for an extended period, or even permanently. Or we may have a family history of a certain illness and need some extra coverage. For these and many other reasons, Magee Insurance offers a variety of supplemental insurance products, including: dental, vision, indemnity, accident, critical illness, disability, long-term care, Medicare supplemental and accidental death & dismemberment.
Find out how you can help secure your family's financial future. Request a Free Quote today.
Meet Our Founders
David Magee - Insurance Broker - Magee Insurance
David Magee
Insurance Broker
David Magee is an experienced Insurance Broker and Founder of Magee Insurance. David is passionate about helping people, and is willing to discuss any possible coverage options for his clients, their families, or their businesses.

David has helped many companies, families, and individuals save money each year by exploring every possible option and catering towards specific needs and financial restrictions of his clients. David is highly educated, and motivated to finding his clients a plan that not only fits their budget, but also effectively fills their need.

Call David today at 610-587-8918 to find out more about how Magee Insurance can help.
Allison Magee - Insurance Broker - Magee Insurance
Allison Magee
Insurance Broker
Allison Magee is a Licensed Insurance Broker and co-owner of Magee Insurance. Allison enjoys helping people and looks forward to providing specific needs to her clients. A background in the medical field allows Allison to use personalized knowledge to help serve her clients with precise care. She strives to provide her clients, their families, and her community with an individual and tailored approach to health insurance by exploring various plans and options.  

Allison is motivated to help her clients save money by researching every option available. Allison will help her clients choose a plan that fits their health care needs, while taking their personal and financial situations into consideration.

Call Allison today at 610-716-7049 to find out more about how Magee Insurance can help.
Kathleen M.

" I highly recommend David if you are looking for coverage, especially if you are in between employment or own your own business? Thank you David. :) "

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